I’ll admit it. I am biased. I’ve been using eVetPractice.com since starting my practice in 2012. By now, I am really attached to its convenient, user friendly goodness! Over these years, it has gotten better and better, thanks to the crazy hard work of the eVetPractice team, and tons of input from veterinarians and team members just like you. Small and large animal docs, generalists, specialists, brick and mortar offices and house call practices have all contributed. Requests, observations, suggestions- they have been the guide to help develop this amazing system into the customizable, easy to learn and to use program it is today, and that evolution will always continue. These folks are dedicated to providing what we need in an ever changing professional and technological scene.

There are tons of features that could be considered highlights. Some are vital to most every practice, and others are more specialized. That’s logical, since this is no one size fits all service. There are features that my house call practice doesn’t really use, by nature of what I do (ie, the electronic whiteboard- I can usually remember who needs what over the course of the day), but others that I cannot live without (the link to Google Maps that instantly inputs the client’s address and helps me on my way). We all have our needs, and somehow, eVetPractice has managed to address us as individuals with their features, integrations and partners.


I could start anywhere in the line up of great features, and the benefits of a cloud based set up seem like a logical place to begin. First, the obvious- no server! No big, dust collecting, heat generating, please- don’t- get- fried- in- the- storm box of foreign technology. That means no server cost or set up and no upgrade expenses. With eVetpractice.com, you just need an internet enabled device to access the records you need. I’ve used desktops, laptops, tablets, and even my smart phone on occasion. You can be anywhere that you have Wi-Fi or cellular data. Upgrades occur automatically, and do not cost extra!

I routinely access eVetPractice while away from home, since I’m a mobile vet. This is huge for me. But I remember the days of working in a physical location, and spending hours after appointments were over, sitting in the treatment room finishing records, unable to leave to see my family before the little ones needed to go to bed. With the mobility of

eVetPractice, records can be completed at home, after dinner and bedtime with the kid. Now that my kids are a bit older, I work on records at the soccer field while my daughter practices. Cloud based technology allows us to be present in our families’ routines, instead of tethering us to the office. Quality of life!

Excellent Customer Service

Okay, I know change is scary. If you have been invested (financially or psychologically) in one of the old dinosaurs, making a switch can be overwhelming, even if the charms of a cloud based life are appealing. No matter what other features I present, if your anxiety meter is pegged out, change isn’t happening. I get it. But the adaptation to eVetPractice.com is really easy. It is user friendly and logically designed. But more than that, the customer service is fantastic! They are extremely knowledgeable. Many have experience in the veterinary profession, so they know what we need to accomplish in a day. And the are completely committed to making us Raving Fans by going above and beyond expectations to help us get set up, trained and in love with eVetPractice. From included online team training, to the option to schedule on-sight training, to the online help center and chat features, their support is reliable and effective. They are leading the pack when it comes to responsiveness. Any time you need to reach out for help, they are right there to give you a hand. Fear not!

So, we have this amazing cloud based, well supported system. But what other features set eVetPractice.com apart form other systems? From a bird’s eye view, we are looking at an Electronic Medical Record. Of course. That gives you the ability to ditch the labor and storage associated with paper records. No more missing charts. No more questions you can only find the answers to when the file is in your hand. Thank goodness! What does it do, aside from store exams, labs, surgery reports and medical notes? Glad you asked.

Practice Dashboard

This is the landing page when you log into your practice’s site. And man, can you get a good idea of what is going on! Appointment scheduling and the flow of patients through the hospital are easy to monitor. A quick tap or click on a patient’s appointment can help you delve deeper into things, showing what the appointment is scheduled for, with which provider, as well as the patient’s signalment and active components of the Master Problem List and any patient or client alerts. Another tap (or right click) allows you to easily edit an appointment, and gives links to the patient or client record. You can also update status or confirm appointments here. For mobile vets like me, you can also tap the Google Maps link and be ready to navigate immediately. You can search for any patient or client, access advanced search options (like visit reasons, lab results, client notes or diagnoses, among others), and click to access imported lab results, your whiteboard, or reports and inventory (for those team members that have authority to do so).

In addition, the time clock is available, as well a list of practice documents that may be printed or emailed, a link to contact support and access the Knowledge Based Articles. The dashboard is an easy starting point for reaching all the other parts of eVetPractice.com, and just the beginning of the great features this software has to offer! The list of features and integrated partners is huge. There are too many to cover in one sitting, so stay tuned for part two to see more of these. As we put all the pieces together, you will see how truly unique this system is, and why it’s the only one for me!

Written by: Dr. Kristen Arp

Dr. Arp graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. She has practiced in the Metro Atlanta area since graduation. Dr. Arp lives in Loganville, Georgia with her husband, Trey and their two children. Tempe, their chocolate lab, can regularly be seen riding in Dr. Arp’s van, always ready to help with her patients.