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We love our clients, and our clients love us!

We made the conversion to eVetPractice in December 2014 after 15 years with Cornerstone.  I have been very pleased with all aspects, including support, of this cloud-based system for both my referral and primary care practices.  The system can be easily customized to fit particular needs and there is a continual additions and improvements to the software based on the feedback from users.


Owner/Doctor - Animal Clinics of The Woodlands - The Woodlands, TX

We are a modern, convenient and customer-focused Veterinary practice. eVetPractice allows us to be 100% paperless, creative with our communication and technology focused. We found the missing link we were looking for to increase our production while working with medical records, referral options, and appointment scheduling. The innovative design group, exceptional support staff and client focused team at eVetPractice are among the best in the business .

Audrey J Wystrach DVM

Owner/Doctor - ZippiVet Pet Hospitals - Austin, TX

eVetPractice is the best veterinary software available. If you are looking for a software for your clinic- stop looking and get eVet. Not only is the program itself incredible- online, cloud based, accessible from anywhere and with so many options available but the support is unreal. These guys will literally do everything they can to help every single customer. The software has made my practice so easy to run, saved me tons of money and is so dependable. The customer support is available with a live chat anytime you are having an issue and they bent over backwards for me to help me include French in the program and they would do the same for any clinic. I can’t say enough good things about this software.

Dr. James Drooker

Owner/Doctor - Clinique Vétérinaire de Pointe St-Charles - Montréal, QC

For someone that has been a veterinary hospital owner since 1995 I came to the conclusion that I just had to suffer with less than adequate veterinary practice software until my business partner came across eVetPractice late last year. And boy am I glad he did. I know for all practice owners and office managers changing practice software can be horrifying because we all hate change BUT that’s eVetPractice’s strong suit – ease of changeover because of absolutely OUTSTANDING customer service. Our story is simple, our software was crashing around us because our old vendor had not planned on the next iMac update and we had to switch in 1 week (yes 7 days!) and amazingly eVetPractice made it happen – conversion of old data, online training and the willingness to customize some reports that we simply couldn’t do without.

Am I happy? Hell yes! Do I want to tell my competitors? Hell no! But it is great software, very flexible, intuitive and easily customizable. Our record keeping is better but our doctors do go a little slower, but our medical records are much better which saves us all time in the long run, and since we’ve gone to EMR we haven’t misplaced one file. The integration of lab work into the medical records also makes client communication much easier and better and my doctors love using the software from home to follow cases. I couldn’t be happier and would be pleased to answer any questions a prospective user of this software would have. I’m on the Dean’s Advisory Council at the Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine and I’m recommend they switch to eVetPractice – that’s how much I like it.

John Maddigan

Owner/ Manager - Willamette Valley Animal Hospital - Keizer/Salem, Oregon

With a practice with 2 separate locations – there is always “extra” worry when it comes time for a data conversion. eVet was very attentive to our concerns and made the transition as seamless as possible. Any issues that arose were small ones and were taken care of almost immediately.

As with any new system there is always a learning curve – and Eddie and his team have shown the utmost in patience as we made good use of their live support system. Response time is really remarkable – and suggestions for customization are always meet with a positive and timely response.

The Lab Dashboard has really streamlined our communication with our clients regarding lab work and all communications are easily accessible via the “Communication Log”.

The ability to create our own templates for reminders, emails, documents and reports was really one of the strongest points for our choosing eVet. With a little coaching from the eVet team we are creating custom forms for all aspects of our office – something that we were unable to do with our previous system.

Because we are not a paperless office yet – there are some features of eVet that are not as user friendly as they would be for a completely cloud-based EMR office. But I have no doubt that as we continue to work towards our goal of a paperless environment – eVet and their excellent support staff will be there to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Anne Cadrette

Veterinary Technician/Office Manager - The Cat Doctor of Bedford and Nashua - Bedford, MA and Nashua, NH

Evetpractice is by far much superior to any other veterinary software on the market in my opinion! We have used a major brand software for our practice for five years before switching and I can tell you that the team at evet are years ahead of the competition!

Evetpractice is a software for veterinarians that want to move forward with practice efficiency, and electronic medical record keeping. It is so easy to use anyone can use it with just a small amount of training.

I was extremely nervous about making a software change but the transition was very smooth and we really did not have any big issues. The ever present chat box open on the screen allow for immediate help whenever a question is encountered.

If software changes need to be made they are willing to target those and make any suggested reasonable changes to make the software better. I would not hesitate to change software to evetpractice if you want to move forward and take your veterinary practice to the highest level!

Craig Harrell, DVM

Owner - Singing River Animal Clinic - Lucedale, MS

Wonderful customer service–very responsive and helpful when we have a problem or mess things up.

Program is very user friendly, customizable, and intuitive –the iPhone equivalent of the veterinary practice software world.

Lindsey Petras, DVM

Owner - Grants Mill Animal Hospital - Irondale, AL

I want to congratulate the folks at evetpractice for achieving what the competition has not been able to yet; a reliable, efficient, intuitive and powerful software without the hassles of having servers or other major hardware.

Our practice is run fully on laptops and tablets. We couldn’t be happier with our choice especially because of the personalized, quick and friendly support provided by the tech support staff.

Amongst the many difficult decisions I have had to make when opening a new practice, choosing evetpractice was spot on!

David Carmona, DVM

Owner - Veterinary Wellness Center of Surfside - Surfside, FL

Going with eVetPractice has been a great decision for our practice. This is an innovative, reasonably priced software that we would definitely recommend to others.

We have never before dealt with such an amazing customer service staff. They not only guided us through the transition, but are now always ready to answer our questions

They even listen to our suggestions and have made additions and changes to accommodate us where possible. We see this as a long term relationship with a great company!

Lisa Crabill

Owner - Haslet Veterinary Clinic - Haslet, TX

eVetPractice is working quite well for us. We currently have two brick & mortar practices but chose eVetPractice more so because of our other “practices”. We hold mobile vaccination clinics around the state and the web based software is saving us from the constant syncing of equipment that we had to do with our previous software. We have found eVP to be much more attentive to our needs as a unique veterinary practice. Because we have crews working around the state simultaneously, it creates situations for us that perhaps are not experienced by other clinics.

We are definitely happy with eVetPractice and would certainly recommend it to others. The support team has been the best we’ve ever worked with. They have been incredible in their support and attentiveness to our wants and needs. The software is improving constantly and they truly seem to be developing a system that will work well for our field.

I can also say that for those of us that have used multiple veterinary software programs over the years, this one has been the easiest to learn. Even for our newer staff, the learning curve was not nearly what we’ve experienced with other software.

Russell Bush, D.V.M. - Mark A. Vara, D.V.M.

Vanguard Veterinary Associates - San Antonio, Texas

In retrospect, switching to a new Veterinary Management Software and going paperless, and changing some procedures and straightening out all of our messy data in only 6 weeks was a bit insane.

The smart thing we did was to have eVetPractice on site for training and go live. Although eVetPractice could not be more different than IDEXX Cornerstone, it is also very logical.

Our staff was amazing at picking up the new system and eVet’s support was even better. The data transfer was clean, our downtime was only a half day because we wanted to do a full inventory, and within 2-3 days we are all pros at the eVet system. The ease of use is eVets strength. It does not have the massive reporting module that Cornerstone has, but has had the reports that I need.

Also, eVet is faster than Cornerstone even though the servers it runs are 4 states away. No more nightly reboots and end of day processing for us! We are a single three doctor practice. Do not hesitate to give eVetPractice a try if you are considering upgrading Veterinary Management Systems.

Jeff Gorr

Owner - Wausau Animal Hospital - Wausau, WI

Our animal hospital transitioned to eVetPractice to take us “paperless” from traditional paper medical records and from Intravet for practice management.

There was a steep learning curve for our staff and doctors to go from paper to paperless along with going from Intravet to eVetPractice for the invoicing and reporting. Fortunately, the staff and owners at eVetPractice have made the process as painless as possible.

Whenever there is large amounts of data converted from one system to another, there will be some hiccups, but fortunately those were very few with our conversion, and all issues were resolved very quickly and efficiently.

Some strengths of eVetPractice include the amazing flexibility of setup for your individual practice, super-responsive customer/technical support, access to records online anywhere, and intuitive medical records. Every time we have asked for a specific functionality, the answer has been affirmative, and a solution has been created for our needs very quickly.

The cost of implementing eVetPractice was quite affordable. Our biggest cost was upgrading our computers, network, and internet access to make sure that we didn’t have any issues getting online to have access to our cloud-based system.

Weaknesses have been few – biggest from my point of view is the lack of “canned” reports that take only 1 or 2 mouse-clicks to generate quickly and conveniently. I would not let that deter anyone from giving eVetPractice a try, because the reporting is very flexible and you can pull out almost any information you are looking for, it just may take a little longer than with some other systems. That reporting functionality is the only reason to not give 5 stars overall.

Overall we have been very pleased with our choice of eVetPractice.

Dan Smith, DVM

Owner - Alburtis Animal Hospital - Alburtis, PA

We converted from a 20 year old Veterinary Practice Management Software called AVS. It had 20 years of reminders, codes, and history. We were concerned about the conversion, but the eVetPractice team made it seamless. All of our data is intact. The interface is extremely intuitive. The customer service is unmatched. When there have been issues, we are constantly amazed at how fast they respond and update things. We took a risk in going with a small cloud based company, but we truly believe that this is the future. I am even more convinced that eVetPractice is the future.

Dr. Tad Moseley

Animal Health Center - Valdosta, Georgia

I have been using eVetPractice for 4 months. My favorite feature of the program is its accessibility. Overall, the site is easy to learn how to use.

The customer service that this company provides is unbelievable! It’s refreshing to know a company will still respond to your problems and needs as quickly as the team at eVetPractice does!

However, I do feel that some of the features could be more streamlined. (I’m hoping that tech support will eventually make a few of these bigger changes for me!!) Overall, I am so happy I made the change.

It has made my practice more efficient and shows our clients a more professional image.

Nancy Powel, DVM

Owner - Maryland Mobile Veterinary Clinic, LLC - Westminster, MD

Opening a new animal hospital is a huge undertaking as you must consider every aspect, not only involved with a new business, but a medical practice as well! Eddie Heinz, with eVet Practice, turned the task of choosing what software would be the best choice for our practice, to a no brains decision! The program is very user friendly, but should you run into questions or problems, Eddie is readily available to assist. He also has taken suggestions and requests for additions to the software that have had to enabled us to be more efficient within our practice. Kuddos to Eddie Heinz and eVet Practice! We highly recommend them both!

Dr. Shane Henry/Katy Henry

River Region Animal Hospital - Crystal River, Florida was a young company when I began my mobile veterinary practice, and I can say that it has been wonderful to grow with them! Cloud-based software is a great solution for me. I love that it is virtually paperless in so many areas, including records, emailing receipts & Rabies Certificates to owners, having lab results delivered into my patients records, sending referral information via email – again, all beneficial for my mobile practice and MY TIME! And the software has evolved on a daily basis. I have made requests and suggestions – many clients have done the same – and the software is updated and modified continually to enhance the offering and the ease of using the system. You feel that it is being customized just for you, and in many cases, it is! You will never find better customer service than you will experience with!!! I love the system and you will, too!

Dr. Susan Haight

My Pet's Mobile Vet - Alpharetta, Georgia

Will give customer service a 10 star + rating!! We liked this software for our practice initially because it was so complete, versatile and matched our budget. After speaking with them, even before we bought a contract, we asked about some features – and they changed features based on our suggestions! Since then, the company engineers work around the clock (it seems!) to help with our issues – mostly by inventing new items, buttons, windows and features to meet every suggestion or issue we have. The customer service is by far outstanding!! Once we got over a few operating bumps (hardware configurations) and understand the program now, we feel like it is custom designed just for us. We have considerably reduced operating costs in time and paper, exceeding our own expectations. We are only 3 months into it and feel like all is running quite smoothly. We have no regrets and highly recommend Evet to any practice interested in going paperless (or mostly paperless) – and for sure Cloud based, whether mobile or not. We are excited to see this company and the Practice Management software they offer grow! Thank you Eddie and Evet!!

Dr. Teri Sue

My Home Vet - Eugene, Oregon

I have found to be an intuitive, personalized, veterinary management software program that eliminates the need to maintain a server, does not require back-up protocol, and updates are performed seamlessly without the need or cost of an information technologist. The speed and flexibility of support staff is incredible and far beyond any expectations I had ever had…or could have imagined. They truly do strive to make you a “raving” fan of their practice management software program.

Dr. Douglas A. Kern

Animal Surgery & Advocacy Services - Windham, Maine

Serving the Servants’ with eVetPractice Software (EMR) is the best decision we ever made! Kindred-Canines in Motion Inc. is so grateful for eVetPractice and their Cloud Based Electronic Medical Records (EMR). KIM could not have gotten off the ground without their help! KIM is in now in “Motion” with eVetPractice! KIM now offers reliable, professional EMR anytime and anywhere… It is Priceless! has allowed our disabled clients to have access 24/7 for their Assistance/Service Dog records when they need them. Thank You eVetPractice for making Mobile easier!

Dr. Joyce Gerardi

Kindred-Canines in Motion (K.I.M.) - Valrico, Florida provides me with the mobility and flexibility I need for my mobile practice. Accessing client and patient information on the go, completing patient records anywhere, and even direct links to my Antech lab work for submission and results all mean that I can get the job done efficiently. And the support I get from eVet is second to none! They have been with me every step of the way, from introduction to the software, to rapid response to my questions- they even helped customize the program to suit my specific needs! This software has really been the solution for my practice. It allows me to have more time for my patients and clients!

Dr. Kristen Arp

Bay Creek Mobile Veterinary Services, PC - Loganville, Georgia