Our animal hospital transitioned to eVetPractice to take us “paperless” from traditional paper medical records and from Intravet for practice management.

There was a steep learning curve for our staff and doctors to go from paper to paperless along with going from Intravet to eVetPractice for the invoicing and reporting. Fortunately, the staff and owners at eVetPractice have made the process as painless as possible.

Whenever there is large amounts of data converted from one system to another, there will be some hiccups, but fortunately those were very few with our conversion, and all issues were resolved very quickly and efficiently.

Some strengths of eVetPractice include the amazing flexibility of setup for your individual practice, super-responsive customer/technical support, access to records online anywhere, and intuitive medical records. Every time we have asked for a specific functionality, the answer has been affirmative, and a solution has been created for our needs very quickly.

The cost of implementing eVetPractice was quite affordable. Our biggest cost was upgrading our computers, network, and internet access to make sure that we didn’t have any issues getting online to have access to our cloud-based system.

Weaknesses have been few – biggest from my point of view is the lack of “canned” reports that take only 1 or 2 mouse-clicks to generate quickly and conveniently. I would not let that deter anyone from giving eVetPractice a try, because the reporting is very flexible and you can pull out almost any information you are looking for, it just may take a little longer than with some other systems. That reporting functionality is the only reason to not give 5 stars overall.

Overall we have been very pleased with our choice of eVetPractice.