eVetPractice.com was a young company when I began my mobile veterinary practice, and I can say that it has been wonderful to grow with them! Cloud-based software is a great solution for me. I love that it is virtually paperless in so many areas, including records, emailing receipts & Rabies Certificates to owners, having lab results delivered into my patients records, sending referral information via email – again, all beneficial for my mobile practice and MY TIME! And the software has evolved on a daily basis. I have made requests and suggestions – many clients have done the same – and the software is updated and modified continually to enhance the offering and the ease of using the system. You feel that it is being customized just for you, and in many cases, it is! You will never find better customer service than you will experience with eVetPractice.com!!! I love the system and you will, too!