Evetpractice is by far much superior to any other veterinary software on the market in my opinion! We have used a major brand software for our practice for five years before switching and I can tell you that the team at evet are years ahead of the competition!

Evetpractice is a software for veterinarians that want to move forward with practice efficiency, and electronic medical record keeping. It is so easy to use anyone can use it with just a small amount of training.

I was extremely nervous about making a software change but the transition was very smooth and we really did not have any big issues. The ever present chat box open on the screen allow for immediate help whenever a question is encountered.

If software changes need to be made they are willing to target those and make any suggested reasonable changes to make the software better. I would not hesitate to change software to evetpractice if you want to move forward and take your veterinary practice to the highest level!