eVetPractice is working quite well for us. We currently have two brick & mortar practices but chose eVetPractice more so because of our other “practices”. We hold mobile vaccination clinics around the state and the web based software is saving us from the constant syncing of equipment that we had to do with our previous software. We have found eVP to be much more attentive to our needs as a unique veterinary practice. Because we have crews working around the state simultaneously, it creates situations for us that perhaps are not experienced by other clinics.

We are definitely happy with eVetPractice and would certainly recommend it to others. The support team has been the best we’ve ever worked with. They have been incredible in their support and attentiveness to our wants and needs. The software is improving constantly and they truly seem to be developing a system that will work well for our field.

I can also say that for those of us that have used multiple veterinary software programs over the years, this one has been the easiest to learn. Even for our newer staff, the learning curve was not nearly what we’ve experienced with other software.