In retrospect, switching to a new Veterinary Management Software and going paperless, and changing some procedures and straightening out all of our messy data in only 6 weeks was a bit insane.

The smart thing we did was to have eVetPractice on site for training and go live. Although eVetPractice could not be more different than IDEXX Cornerstone, it is also very logical.

Our staff was amazing at picking up the new system and eVet’s support was even better. The data transfer was clean, our downtime was only a half day because we wanted to do a full inventory, and within 2-3 days we are all pros at the eVet system. The ease of use is eVets strength. It does not have the massive reporting module that Cornerstone has, but has had the reports that I need.

Also, eVet is faster than Cornerstone even though the servers it runs are 4 states away. No more nightly reboots and end of day processing for us! We are a single three doctor practice. Do not hesitate to give eVetPractice a try if you are considering upgrading Veterinary Management Systems.