For someone that has been a veterinary hospital owner since 1995 I came to the conclusion that I just had to suffer with less than adequate veterinary practice software until my business partner came across eVetPractice late last year. And boy am I glad he did. I know for all practice owners and office managers changing practice software can be horrifying because we all hate change BUT that’s eVetPractice’s strong suit – ease of changeover because of absolutely OUTSTANDING customer service. Our story is simple, our software was crashing around us because our old vendor had not planned on the next iMac update and we had to switch in 1 week (yes 7 days!) and amazingly eVetPractice made it happen – conversion of old data, online training and the willingness to customize some reports that we simply couldn’t do without.

Am I happy? Hell yes! Do I want to tell my competitors? Hell no! But it is great software, very flexible, intuitive and easily customizable. Our record keeping is better but our doctors do go a little slower, but our medical records are much better which saves us all time in the long run, and since we’ve gone to EMR we haven’t misplaced one file. The integration of lab work into the medical records also makes client communication much easier and better and my doctors love using the software from home to follow cases. I couldn’t be happier and would be pleased to answer any questions a prospective user of this software would have. I’m on the Dean’s Advisory Council at the Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine and I’m recommend they switch to eVetPractice – that’s how much I like it.