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Features That Make Awesome Part One

I’ll admit it. I am biased. I’ve been using since starting my practice in 2012. By now, I am really attached to its convenient, user friendly goodness! Over these years, it has gotten better and better, thanks to the crazy hard work of the eVetPractice team, and tons of input from veterinarians and team  Continue Reading »

Veterinary Growth and Development: How We Become the Vet We Will One Day Be

We go through stages in life. Each surviving human goes from infancy to toddlerhood, childhood to adolescence, then to our adulthood. As we grow and develop, our outlook on life morphs a little more. We acquire new tastes and interests. We trade in a hearty childlike love of Hot Wheels and Barbie dolls and buffet  Continue Reading »

Patient Reminders: Worth Your Time!

To gain more visits to your hospital, you can take a couple of approaches. Getting new clients is fabulous, of course! But what if the clients you already have would come see you more frequently. How many clients consistently forget that Scruffy is due for a vaccine or test? Perhaps they didn’t really remember that  Continue Reading »

Being the Doc, Being the Mom

Dear Diary, Today was a tough one. All euthanasias are, but this one seemed a little harder. I had been taking care of this big guy for 2 ½ years. Ever since he was a squeaky little newborn. He started off so robust and healthy. Come to think of it, he really always looked that  Continue Reading »

Providing for Our Clients, Too

How do we care for our clients? Of course, we treat their pets with compassion, and we do our best to accommodate the clients’ needs. We squeeze one more dental prophy in on the only day they could come. We stay late to see the appointment that was 30 minutes behind because we know that  Continue Reading »

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